Radio Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting

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Makers of sound recordings have the exclusive right to reproduce and authorize the reproduction of their sound recordings. CONNECT Music Licensing/SOPROQ issues licenses to all Canadian commercial radio stations that reproduce sound recordings in connection with a station's over-the-air broadcasting operations. A CONNECT Music Licensing/SOPROQ licence enables radio broadcasters to choose from millions of sound recordings without having to obtain clearances for each track individually.

Applicable CONNECT Music Licensing/SOPROQ Tariff and Settlement Agreement

On April 23, 2016, the Copyright Board certified the statement of royalties to be collected by CONNECT Music Licensing and SOPROQ for the reproduction of sound recordings by Canadian commercial radio stations for the years 2012-2017.  This tariff has been partially stayed and provisionally modified as a result of the Commercial Radio Reproduction Royalties Settlement Agreement (2012-2018) between CONNECT, SOPROQ, CMRRA-SODRAC Inc. and the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (the "Settlement Agreement").  A copy of the tariff and the Federal Court orders can be found here

Information for Commercial Radio Stations

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